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Chapter 268: Suite


Hey Luffy!! What the hell is this guy??

What am i trying to do: obtaining academic OP degree by re-reading One Piece manga to study, understand, realize and be well aware with the details in comparison with the anime version, which also requires re-watching.

How is it working so far: Horrible=_=) First of all, apparently i find it hard to concentrate on things that i dont care about (aka bg details such as chairs, plants, Sanji, buildings etc). All i did for 8 ch is study and understand every detail of Luffy’s body shape, because im a pedo like that. Second of all, thanks to Oda i have developed a paranoia side which thinks everything can be either a trap or a hint and it drives me insane!

So on that note, as if One Piece didn’t had enough characters here introducing new ones 


from SBS section of vol 8. If i remember correctly in the anime version that dude actually eats the food just like Odaccchi said he should but even tho i just read vol 5 i still couldnt remember clearly his face, so i decided to go back and look at the panel… This panel: 


but now the first thing that catches my eyes is that other guy in the right side of the panel with the dragon-ish tattoo, S shaped body, crossed on top with an X … like … could u be more obvious? and where the freak have u been a few mins ago when i was reading this page!  I havent seen u smirking in there~

is that S a coincidence!? i have lived far enough in the OP side to know that there is no such thing as coincidence on Odacchi’s works But what if it is? What if thats how Odacchi originally came up with Sabo’s mark? Like inking things slowly when suddenly his hand trembled from concentration and makes a mistake going like “OH CRAP… wait Hmmm *adding 2 more lines here and there* Hey this look cool I should use this somewhere… someday……….” 

Oh man, the more i look at that guy’s face the more i like it Who are u smirking to? Are you falling for Fullbody’s charm too??? I mean look at YOU!


That is the kind of face one makes when they want to rape someone

Maybe he is interested in that female Fullbody is with…. still in a rapey way tho 


happy birthday, brook

One Piece - Chapter 744General Officer of the Revolutionary Army: Sabo

super ultra damn cool !

he’s such a dork